Upcoming Worship Services

All Worship at Wilmot - 9:45 a. m.

(unless otherwise indicated)

July 15 Tuning In
(Exodus 3:1-121, Matthew 6:7-15)
Susan Allison-Jones
July 22 Hospitality: Reaching Outward, Drawing Inward
(Genesis 18:1-15, Luke 14:7-14)
Susan Allison-Jones
July 29 Spiritual Companions: Walking Together
(Ruth 1:15-18, John 15:12-17, Timothy 1:5-14)
Susan Allison-Jones
August 5
une 24 No Formation Hour - beginning of summer schedule


July 15 Picnic at Stratford Park
12:00 p. m.
1:30 p. m.
July 24 The Kitchen Table 1:30 p. m.
August 5 Service at St. Agatha 10:00 a. m.
August 17 Ice Culture Bus Tour 10:30 a. m.

Congregational Notes:

Summer Worship Series: Practicing Faith

This series, written by Alissa Bender, pastor at Hamilton Mennonite Church, focuses on some of the spiritual practices that draw us into a living relationship with God. Topics will include: Prayer, Gratitude, Reaching Out Reaching In, Spiritual Companions, Scripture Study, Fasting and Celebrating. We look forward to delving into what it means to practice our faith in our daily lives.

Join us next Sunday, July 22nd, after church for a time of celebration with Valerie and her husband Ken. Valerie and Ken were married on June 30th.

Summer Givings

The summer can be a tim when we may find ourselves taking a break from church for various reasons. However our church expenses do not take a break and still must be paid. I encourage everyone to keep their offerings up during the summer. If you will be away you can post-date a cheque and leave it in my mailbox. I will hold and deposit it on the appropriate date. For some it may be easier to increase your offerings before you leave or catch them up when you return. Whatever method you choose I thank you for your support. Any offerings received by August 31st will not only help cover expenses over the summer but will help us meet our budget for the current church year. Thank you. Lia Fewkes, Treasurer

Iceculture Tour

We are planning a bus trip to Iceculture Inc. in Hensall on Friday, August 17. $70 per person will cover the bus, lunch at Huron Family Diner in Exeter and the tour. The bus will leave Wilmot at 10:30 a. m. and arrive back at about 4:30 p. m. Invite your friends to join us. Please see the poster and sign up in the foyer, or contact Valerie to put your name on the list. Payment can be made to Lia.
The Tour The tour starts off with a short video narrated by Julian Bayley (founder) and his daughter, Heidi, filled with some personal stories. Then a quick walk through a large freezer and a walk around the plant floor - showing how they make crystal clear ice blocks, ice bowls and then a look into our studio freezer/CNC office. You will stop at 3-4 stations and then have a short sit down break to watch another short video with Julian and Heidi about some of the larger events or sculptures they have created and what went on behind the scenes. This allows for a bit of a break, before walking back towards the front - where you will enjoy the large walk in freezer (10-15 minutes) with lots of ice sculptures for guests to photograph and enjoy.
The Lunch You will be offered a choice of soup,sandwich, fries or salad, dessert or omelette, toast, salad or fries, dessert.

Go to www.canadianmennonite.org to read Mennonite church-related news. The website has some of the stories from Canadian Mennonite magazine, an online comments section and more news from the global church.

Coffee Time

Coffee Hour money for June will continue to go to support a mom and her children at Hidden Acres Single Mom's camp. $300.35 has been collected so far.

Wilmot Ignited Churches

Wilmot Ignted Churches will worship together on the Sunday's of the long weekends this summer.
Aug 5th -- At St. Agatha
Sept 2nd --At Mannheim

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed We have several key leadership positions that should be filled this year. Prayerfully consider these positions and nominate yourself or another person. Please put filled sheets in Susan's box next Sunday, June 24.


Detweiler Meeting House Concerts

3445 Roseville Road, Roseville.
Cost - A freewill offering in support of Meetinghouse operations.
Sunday, June 24th at,2:30 p. m. The Fair Wind sings and plays acoustically, the traditional music of England, Ireland and Scotland. They treat listeners to traditional songs, jigs, and reels, mined from the rich heritage of the British Isles and Ireland ..
Sunday, July 22,2:30 p. m, "Folk and Gospel Songs" led by Mike and Diana Erb (Twas Now), with group singing.

Tri-County Mennonite Homes

will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year and a week of celebration is being planned for September 16 to 22, 2018. Mark the date in your calendar.

Folk and Gospel Songs

Sunday, July 29, 2:30 p. m. at Detweiler Meeting House, 3445 Roseville Road, Roseville."Folk and Gospel Songs" led by Mike and Diana Erb (Twas Now), who are well known on the local music scene. There will be group Singing as well. A freewill offering in support of Meetinghouse operations will be held. Everyone welcome. More information: Laurence Martin, 519-588-4591

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